Tuesday, June 13, 2017

'Quizzical' wins Purple Dragonfly Award!!!!

Oh my goodness, does it get any better?  Just as I'm getting used to the fact that the 'Alby' books have won awards in the past few weeks, I receive an email to say that 'Quizzical' has just won 2nd place in the 2017 US Purple Dragonfly Awards for Middle Grade Fiction.  Now THAT was totally unexpected.  Judging is based on content, originality and overall readability, with emphasis on innovation and creativity.  The judging panel includes industry experts in specific fields as well as experts in editing, bookselling and publishing.  Every entry is read by each of the judges and all books must be up to publishing industry standards or they don't progress through the judging process.  I am so thrilled and excited to be the recipient of this award. 

'Alby' series wins Bizziebaby award!!!!!

Wow!  I was just getting used to my new 'Alby' book winning an award in the 2017 Wishing Shelf Book Awards in the UK when I received an email from Bizziebaby in the UK to advise me that the 'Alby and the Cat' series of books had won a Silver Award in the 2017 UK Bizziebaby Children's Book Awards.  The books are sent to Bizziebaby's product testers who then read the books with their children and rate them on story, illustrations, cover, etc. and follow up with a review of the books.  The 'Alby and the Cat' series was then awarded the Silver Award for the Children's Book category!  I am extremely proud of this series.  My Dad has been such a big part of why I wrote the books, so it's wonderful they are getting recognised!

Alby and the Cat: All Holed Up wins award!!!!

I was thrilled to receive news that my new Alby book, 'Alby and the Cat: All Holed Up' was a recent 'Red Ribbon Award' winner in the 2017 UK Wishing Shelf Book Awards for 'Highly Recommended'.  These awards are judged by teachers and students over in the UK.  The books are sent to them to read and they are judged not only on the story, but also the editing, the writing style, illustrations, cover, etc.  This was totally unexpected for me, which made the award all the more sweeter!