Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Leanne's books

There will be two more books out in 2010 - Puzzle Palace, the third book in the Quizzical series, and a new Alby story, Alby and the Cat: Show Business.


My name is Leanne Davidson. I'm a relatively new children's author, having had four books published, since initially self-publishing my first book, Quizzical, in 2006.

I was really lucky there - it won the 2006 Best Self-Published Book Award for Fiction - and as a result was picked up The Five Mile Press, who re-released it with a new jacket in 2008. Also, in 2008, they published a short chapter book I wrote about a guide dog, called Alby and the Cat. That story was close to my heart. My dad was blinded in an industrial accident many years ago and had a guide dog for 13 years. His name was Duke. Alby and the Cat was based on an incident that really happened to them.

In 2009, Money Bags, the sequel to Quizzical was released, along with A Christmas Treasury: Carols and Stories, which I wrote the text to, and Lee Krutop provided the beautiful illustrations for.

I have been incredibly lucky, but I'm finding the hardest part of being a new author is getting known. When you walk into a bookshop there are so many books by so many authors, it's hard to know which book to choose. I'm hoping that kids will discover the Quizzical series, or Alby and the Cat, and enjoy them. If you can't find them in a bookshop, they are available online via my website at