Monday, March 28, 2011

Thank you libraries!

It's always wonderful to see your books in schools, libraries and bookshops. It's nice to know people read them. Once my son was on a train on his way back from Melbourne and a young girl opposite him was reading my book, 'Quizzical'. He was pretty blown away by that. I'm sure he thought nobody would ever read my books. After all, he didn't! But then he's not into books, unlike my youngest son, who's eleven. He absolutely loves books, and reads religiously for up to an hour each night before bed. I've found the libraries extremely supportive of my books. Some even have them on standing order. That's when, as soon as a book is released by a particular author, they automatically order them in. Some libraries in Melbourne, Queensland and Sydney have multiple copies of my books, and in one library in particular (The Hills Shire Library) my books are consistently booked out. As an author, this is very heartening to see! So, to all the libraries that support authors like me, and especially those who are prepared to give new authors a go, thankyou! It is appreciated more than you know!

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