Wednesday, January 12, 2011

2010 Cybils Awards nomination

Most writers just love writing. I know I do. I can get a bit cranky if I don't set aside some time to write at some stage through my day. At other times, though, I can be doing things that relate to writing, like contacting people to make them aware of a new book, or contacting schools to see if they're interested in a possible author visit, and that can be just as productive and rewarding for me.

When I write, it is always with the thought: 'I hope someone who reads this will enjoy it'. So, imagine how thrilled I was to have my most recent Alby book, 'Alby and the Cat: Showbusiness' nominated for the 2010 Cybils Awards. In case you aren't yet aware of these awards, they are Children's and Young Adult Bloggers Literary Awards.

Their aim is to reward children's and young adult authors and illustrators whose books combine the highest literary merit and 'kid appeal'. They have panelists in each category who read the nominated books between October-January, and after that a second group of judges reads all the finalists' books and subsequently pick the winners which are announced on Valentine's Day.

So, I'm both thrilled and delighted to have received a nomination. I'm very proud of the Alby books. As you know, they hold a very special place in my heart.

Fingers crossed!

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